Killarney Red Garlic

harvesting garlic

Killarney Red Garlic is a Rocambole variety or hardneck garlic, so it produces garlic flowers, or scapes, and large cloves with a brownish, purple coloring which are easy to peel. It is a strong producer that does well in wetter conditions.
Rocamboles are known for their full flavor, but are not a storage variety like softnecks.

Summer Run Farm bought their original Killarney Red seed six years ago and has nurtured and culled this variety to its current reliable health and condition.
Even in wet and heavy soils, coupled with a low PH, Cathryn has found that a well-weeded Killarney Red bed can produce bountiful garlic.

Grade A garlic seed ranges from 2" to 2 1/2" in diameter.
One pound of garlic is typically 4-5 heads;
Each head has 8-9 cloves.

Quantities are limited. For more information, please email Farmer Cathryn at

garlic rows